Here at Ugbrooke Park, we are into the busiest time of the year preparing for the shooting season and you can also get ready by brushing up on your skills with our Pheasant Shooting Tips For A Successful Season.


Pheasant Shooting Tips Ugbrooke Park


Judging Range


Vital to your success is the ability to accurately judge distance. This is fairly simple to practise, simply make a habit of assessing how far away an object is from you before pacing it out to see how close you were. Practising this during off-season can be hugely advantageous when shooting season arrives.




Essential to hitting your target accurately is the positioning of your feet. Advice from the professionals suggested that after spotting the bird and assessing its line, your feet should then move to the correct position straight away before mounting the gun. This will result in a more natural, streamlined swing and high success when taking the shot.


Game shooting party


Posture and stance


Nervous energy and tension is your enemy in game shooting. A good shot will be relaxed and balanced. So how exactly should we stand you ask? Your stance should address your target and allow for a consistent, uninterrupted swing. Moreover, the way you stand should feel comfortable and natural to adopt. Practising your posture and stance prior to the shooting season will allow you to be au fait with your positioning.




From the position of your gun to training on the types of angles and shots you are likely to encounter, practise can assist with techniques and timings when shooting season arrives.

In addition, clay shoots which are accessible across the length and breadth of the country replicates a full day’s driven shooting; attending will allow you to strengthen your skills in an environment and situation as realistic as possible.


Man at a Game Shoot


Whether you join us for a day’s shooting or attend a full weekend House Party; when you visit us here at Ugbrooke Park we will do everything possible to make sure your experience is enjoyable and successful. In the meantime, practise, practise, practise to ensure you get the absolute most from your time with us.

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